Myths about DevOps

DevOps is a marketing buzzword with nothing behind it! Or is there? Maybe DevOps is a set of “right” tools, or it’s such a special culture. And who should be doing this, what is a DevOps engineer? In short, there […]

DevOps criticism and disadvantages

With all the advantages of this approach, the following disadvantages can be distinguished: Incompleteness of the cycle – important stages of software life, such as development and analysis of requirements, as well as architecture design, remain outside the devops processes. […]

DevOps processes and objects

DevOps, like other Agile practices, is focused on teamwork, where all aspects of the software life cycle are considered, from the program code to the operation of the product by the end user: Code – development and analysis, version control […]

DevOps: where to start?

With all the advantages of DevOps, this approach, which is especially popular now, to organizing software development and operation processes, is not without its drawbacks. Today we will talk about when it is better to do without devops and how […]

History of appearance DevOps

DevOps (DEVelopment OPeration) is a set of practices for improving the efficiency of development and operation of software (software) through their continuous integration and active interaction of specialized specialists using automation tools. Devops is positioned as an Agile approach to […]